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The Mound is a Heavy Rock Band formed in Octomber of 2012 in Athens. Is a band with controversial music influences but with a common ground on the heavy sound, metal ,stoner ,the origins of rock and every other music style moves them. Petros Zervas(bass) and Nontas Koutsoumbas(guitar) invited Kostas Peroukidis(drums), George Pappoulis(guitar) and Argiris Drokalos(vocals) to join their forces for the great destruction! So they performed live for a couple of times covering other band songs, trying to find an identity and work as a band. In May 2013 behind the drum kit joined Nickos Koutantos after a friendly divorce with Kostas. That was the time when all the ideas for new songs started to come together. From June 2013 The Mound have focused on creating their own album.

Band Members:
Argyrhs Drokalos – Vocals
Nwntas Koutsoumpas – Guitar
Giwrgos Papoulhs – Guitar
Petros Zervas – Bass
Nikos Koutantos – Drums

Merch dude – Pantelhs Xampelas

12717706_486108358242914_5191297666073835118_n Listen to The Mound ‘s self – titled EP:

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